Shaved Ice

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Browne's Shaved Ice is a traditional cold refreshment, perfect for a summer treat. If you love slush or snow cones, you'll love this!

 Want to have shaved ice at your event?  Book us now!

We make our shaved ice with our unique hand cranked machine by shaving blocks of ice. Shaving it produces a very fine texture that appears snow-like. Flavoured syrups are then added, which are absorbed by the ice instead of surrounding it.

Mr Fitzpatricks are our choice of full flavoured natural syrups. These include classics such as Dandelion & Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Blood Tonic and fruiter numbers like Sour Cherry, Red Grape and Hibiscus. Go to our soft drinks page to see the full range. No added sugar options are available also. All syrups are gluten free, vegan friendly and suitable for coeliacs. 

We can cater for your events in a number of sets ups. Contact for prices and information.

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